As Skamokawa Internet migrates to Wahkiakum West we will be slowly updating this site with more info on Skamokawa and less about the Internet. Click the buttons below for more information.

We’re now Wahkiakum West!
Bringing Fiber to the east side of Wahkiakum County!

Who We Are

Broadband internet via microwave technology is here now. With service up to 50 megabits per second current customers are able to access the check their email, surf the web, stream video and music, and participate in teleconference calls. Soon, Wahkiakum West will be bringing fiber to the home (FTH) technology to all of our current customers. Starting with Skamokawa, East Valley, Middle Valley, and those living on the SR-4 corridor. Speeds will start at 100 megabits per second and max out at 10 gigabits per second. 

Service Areas

We have microwave customers in Skamokawa including all three valleys, Puget Island, Flandersville, and more. Contact us at 360.795.5000 to inquire about a no-cost site evaluation to determine if we can serve you know. If we can’t we will advise you on the best service for you location. 

Computer Link

Through our partnership with Computer Link Northwest we can provide home network support. Slow internet can be a network problem and not an ISP issue. Contact us to get a quote to speed up your home network for all your devices.


April 2022 Update

As many of you know, Skamokawa Internet was founded out of necessity in 2018 after my wife and I moved here and found out that high-speed, reliable internet wasn't an option at our house. Working with our closest neighbors, Wahkiakum Port District #2 and Noanet we...

2021 Recap

What a busy year! At the beginning of this year we started with 87 customers, one office, and one employee. We currently have 209 customers, two offices, and three employees (2 part time). Our data usage has grown rapidly also, with our users consuming over 50...

YouTube Television

Skamokawa Internet recommends YouTube TV for customers that are looking for live television they can stream over the internet. We have a demo TV setup in our office in Cathlamet if anyone wants to try it out before signing up.  You can sign up, often with a free trial...

Happy New Year

January has had some very beautiful days, and the first snowfall up at the new transmitter site. We continue to add new clients on Puget Island, in Skamokawa Valley, and a variety of other locations. We are working on continuing to expand our footprint in Wahkiakum...

Skamokawa Internet Expansion

Skamokawa Internet Services completed a recent expansion which will greatly increase the number of homes and businesses that can access the service. Skamokawa Internet is primarily a wireless internet service provider using fixed transmitters to reach permanently...

Expansion Plans

Skamokawa Internet Services continues to receive inquiries from people needing high speed internet in the Skamokawa area and beyond. In response, we are working hard to acquire a location to set up a transmitter that will increase our reach. We will hopefully have...
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