True high-speed internet is here now!

High-Speed Fiber

Our access point to Broadband Internet for our Community.

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Skamokawa Internet Services is a service of Computer Link Northwest LLC.

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We are bringing true broadband internet to the homes and businesses in Skamokawa.

The fiber-optic internet backbone that runs right through our community has been tapped for our use in Skamokawa. The fiber backbone is owned by NoaNet, a non-profit wholesale provider of internet throughout the Pacific Northwest. We established an ISP (Internet Service Provider) business in order to purchase the service from NoaNet and invested in the infrastructure to run the fiber from the highway to our transmit point on Pleasant Point Road. We have high hopes that the increased connectivity to the internet will be good for our community and be financially viable as a business venture. Our goal is to cover our costs and pay back our initial investment over time while supporting our community.

Several users have already signed up and are enjoying broadband speed in their houses and businesses. If you would like to join please either fill out the contact form below or jump right to the service agreement and we’ll contact you to arrange installation. Hardware costs to get set up start at $50 for the receiver and some users will want a new wifi hotspot which runs $50 for a basic hotspot or $99 for the latest technology. Monthly cost for service is $50 or $75 for residential and $100 or $150 for business customers depending on your intended use.

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