True high-speed internet is here now!

Who We Are

Broadband internet is here in Skamokawa and the Flandersville area. 50 megabits per second is currently a reality for the customers listed above.

Using the latest wireless technology we are able to connect homes to the fiber backbone owned by NoaNet, a non-profit wholesale provider of internet throughout the Pacific Northwest. We established an ISP (Internet Service Provider) business in order to purchase the service from NoaNet and invested in the infrastructure to run the fiber from the highway to our transmit points on Pleasant Point Road and off SR-4 in Flandersville. We have already seen that the increased connectivity to the internet is good for our community. Our goal is to cover our costs and pay back our initial investment over time while supporting our community.

Service Areas

If you would like to join please either fill out the contact form below or jump right to the service agreement and we’ll contact you to arrange installation. Initial startup costs depend on your home and technology needs and home arrangement. Monthly plans start at $50 and top out at $150 depending on location and intended use.

Scroll down to look at our service area maps. If you are not in one of our current service areas feel free to contact us to see if we can help you out. We are working with several homeowners and businesses along the fiber pathway to connect new locations to the fiber network. The initial cost is high, but the value is worth it for your home resale value, personal well being, educational opportunities and financial resources. Economists have estimated the average consumer benefits of broadband access to be between $1,500 and $2,200 per year.

Update October 2019: We have 10+ new customers in the Flandersville, Little Cape Horn area now. Contact us if you would like to be added to that network.

Update November 2020: Our new tower west of Skamokawa is now serving over 20 customers up the valleys, in Cathlamet, and on Puget Island! 

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Happy New Year

January has had some very beautiful days, and the first snowfall up at the new transmitter site. We continue to add new clients on Puget Island, in Skamokawa Valley, and a variety of other locations. We are working on continuing to expand our footprint in Wahkiakum...

Skamokawa Internet Expansion

Skamokawa Internet Services completed a recent expansion which will greatly increase the number of homes and businesses that can access the service. Skamokawa Internet is primarily a wireless internet service provider using fixed transmitters to reach permanently...

Expansion Plans

Skamokawa Internet Services continues to receive inquiries from people needing high speed internet in the Skamokawa area and beyond. In response, we are working hard to acquire a location to set up a transmitter that will increase our reach. We will hopefully have...

Wireless Internet Services Providers Association

Skamokawa Internet Services is a member of the Wireless Internet Services Providers Association (WISPA). WISPA is THE voice of the fixed wireless broadband industry representing entrepreneurs and innovators who deploy fixed wireless technologies to provide fast,...

Internet and Power Outages

When the power goes out your internet can keep you safe and informed with a UPS device.

Skamokawa Valley Extension

Coming early 2020 we will be expanding to a new site in the central Skamokawa Valley area. We hope to be able to reach people in West Valley and the central part of East and Middle Valley. If you are in one of these areas and wish to inquire as to if we anticipate we...

High-Speed Fiber

Our access point to Broadband Internet for our Community.

Wahkiakum Port Dist. #2

Wahkiakum Port District #2

Vista Park


Skamokawa Internet Services is a service of Computer Link Northwest LLC.




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We're growing!New tower in Skamokawa extends the reach of our services

Our new tower on the ridge west of Skamokawa has proven to be able to provide reliable, high-speed internet to Puget Island as well as the Skamokawa valleys. If you are looking for internet and have a relatively clear view towards Skamokawa we may be able to serve you. We have added customers on East Sunny Sands, Ostervold and North Bernie Slough Rd. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call for more information.