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Grange Extension Coming

I'm excited to announce that coming in the next couple weeks we will be expanding our coverage thanks to an agreement with the Skamokawa Grange. A new transmitter located on the Grange will allow coverage into Sleepy Hollow as well as west and middle valley. If you...

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Wakiakum PUD Broadband Survey

As many of you know Broadband Internet Service is critical for many aspects of our lives. Our children need it to do our homework, businesses need it to be competitive, and sometimes we just need to watch a good movie or sporting event. Our county commissioners have...

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Nextdoor – Private Social Network

Some of you may have seen an invitation recently to Nextdoor and you may be wondering what it is and if you should join. Here's the scoop. Nextdoor is a Private Social Media network. Think of it as FaceBook but secure. Users can post news, information, events,...

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December Update

Skamokawa Internet Services has been running now for half a year. In that time I am happy to announce that we have had no major outages and our average bandwidth has been right around 45 Mbps to the customer. We are currently paying for a 100 Mbps fiber connection and...

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Mid June Update

It's been a busy June so far for us. June 2nd was our personal moving day. Even though our house wasn't ready it didn't matter, we had to be out of our house in Vancouver, so we packed up the U-haul, with the help of some awesome friends and moved our...

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