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End of May Update

I just received word that the contractor will start work on Monday, June 4th to bring fiber from the "vault" near the highway to our new network operation center on Pleasant Point Road. Once that is complete they will light up the fiber and high-speed internet will be...

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Local Commissioners Agree Broadband is Critical

In case you missed the article local officials agree that broadband is an important issue in our county. I couldn't agree with them more and hope that the local enthusiasm continues to provide a solution to this local need. Easy access to high-speed internet is...

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Mid-May Update

Wow, creating a Wireless Internet Service Provider network takes a lot of patience! We've now been working on this for six months and it seems at times like I have not made any progress. At least, currently we don't have anything physical working, however,...

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District #2 First Customer

I was able to make it to the March meeting for Wahkiakum Port District #2 recently and offered the possibility of the port coming on as the first customer of Skamokawa Internet Services. They were very supportive of our proposal and seem to be committed to the...

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Phase 1 Plan for high-speed Internet

Bringing high-speed internet to our community is proving to be no simple task. While there is plenty of advances being made in the technology to provide internet services the advances of working with business and government has not progressed as quickly. Hopefully all...

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How did we get here?

In a phrase, "Quite by Accident". My quest to bring high-speed internet to Skamokawa is fully grounded in my personal need to support our dreams. In March of 2017, my wife and I were camping at Vista park enjoying the view on the recommendation of a Facebook friend.We...

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