When the power goes out it doesn’t mean your internet has to go out too. Skamokawa Internet Services employs a series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) devices and portable generators to make sure you can still access the internet during a power outage. These UPS devices are relatively inexpensive and can provide several hours of backup power when connected to internet hardware.

While Skamokawa Internet Services is still up during a power outage, each customer must also have a UPS device in their home in order to continue receiving the internet. During recent power outages in Skamokawa we have monitored our customer base and noticed that most customers are not using a UPS to keep the internet running. The solution is as simple as inserting a UPS between the wall and your router and/or receiver.

Skamokawa Internet Services can provide a UPS and install it for $75. These devices are usually good for a couple years before the battery needs to be replaced. You can also pick up a UPS from a retailer like Costco or Amazon. Popular brands are APC, Triplite and CyberPower. You can buy a small UPS to keep your receiver and wifi running, or a larger one to keep a television or computer running also. However, even with the largest UPS running too many devices will quickly limit your up-time during a power outage.

If you like to stay connected during power emergencies, a UPS is a necessity. Contact us if you have any questions.